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family prayer time doesn't have to be 

 so stressful.

Let me guess, you're a Catholic family that knows the importance of praying together...but you secretly dread it, because you know it's going to be a tantrum-filled, chaotic mess.

It's actually not impossible for families to enjoy praying together - you just need to create a custom prayer plan that meets your family's unique needs.

I've discovered how to make prayer family-friendly, and I'm sharing it with you in this free 5-Day Family Prayer Challenge!

You'll get a three-minute prayer each day to get your family started, and then I'll walk you through how to build your family's custom prayer plan, with free resources to help - including one of our best-selling prayer aids for kids!

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Now my kids actually remind US to pray every night

Yep, you read that right - this is how I get my four kids under age 7 excited to pray.

But let me assure you, it was not always that way. In fact, just a few years ago, I was convinced that it was not possible to pray as a family without one of my kids ending up at the doctor for being choked with a rosary-turned-lasso.

Turns out, all we needed was a really simple plan, a slight mindset shift, and some kid-friendly tools to make prayer time now the best, 

calmest time of our day (truly).

And in this free 5-day challenge, I'm going to share all of the strategies I've learned to make prayer time more engaging for your family too.

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