Rainbow Abacus Rosary Bundle




This special offer includes our Fatima Mass Prayer Bag and Our Lady of Guadalupe Blanket. Plus, for this very limited release, we are including our new Rainbow Rosary Abacus absolutely FREE!


Pray the Rosary without losing your spot!

The front row has four colored beads symbolizing the initial Our Father and three Hail Marys, along with two beads featuring the Crucifix and the Miraculous Medal images.

In the middle row, you'll find five cube-shaped wooden beads, each intricately engraved with symbols to represent the mysteries of the rosary.

The back row offers ten colored beads, facilitating the counting of ten Hail Marys.

This beautifully crafted Rainbow Abacus Rosary enhances your prayerful moments with both tactile and visual elements, making it a cherished addition to your spiritual practices.



Wood is a natural material and as such, has various unique markings. Variations in wood grain, color, knots, or texture are all natural occurrences in these wooden products. These unique variations and markings are proof of quality, not defects. Enjoy the markings that make your wooden toys unique!

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