Throughout tradition, numerous flowers have been named in honor of the Blessed Mother’s life, mysteries, and virtues. 

Our new Mary’s Garden Mug features 20 different flowers that each represent a mystery of the Rosary.

The naming of flowers after the mysteries of the Rosary was a way to honor and remember the important events of Jesus and Mary’s life. Through making spiritual connections to God’s creation, believers have been able to root themselves in the beauty and mystery of these divine events and the natural world. 


The association between the Blessed Mother and bees is multi-layered, reflecting the many different aspects of her role as the Mother of God and the perfect model of Christian virtue. 

The ancient Greek and Roman myth that bees were born from the carcass of a bull was adapted to Christian tradition making bees symbolize Christ’s resurrection and the hope of eternal life. Since the Blessed Mother’s role as being the mother of God was central to the mystery of the resurrection - she too was associated with this symbol.

Bees are often viewed as a symbol of the virtues of industry and diligence, which are also associated with the Virgin Mary who carried out her duties with devotional diligence.

The bee is also associated with purity and virginity, attributes traditionally associated with the Blessed Mother. Bee’s wax is used to create altar candles for Holy Mass and other Catholic ceremonies. The beeswax symbolizes the pure flesh Christ received from His Virgin Mother and the light of Christ. 


The swallow bird is associated with both Mary and Jesus for several reasons. 

Legend says swallows often flew around the Virgin Mary’s childhood home in Nazareth and built a nest in the eaves of her home. 

Another version of this legend that can be traced back to medieval Europe, where it was said that a family of swallows built a nest in the rafters of a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their presence was seen as a sign of Mary’s protection and intercession. Swallows became a symbol of Mary’s protection and care. 

This bird is also associated with Jesus. There is another legend that says a swallow was sent by God to lead Joseph and Mary to safety during their flight into Egypt. The swallow became a symbol of God’s guidance and protection. 

Due to the bird's small and fragile appearance, it is known for its resilience and endurance, as it travels for thousands of miles during its migration. This makes the swallow a symbol of the strength and perseverance, required by both Jesus and Mary to live their life faithfully devoted to God. 

The alternating bee and swallow bird pattern represent a decade of the Hail Mary beads on a Rosary.


The handle is outfitted with a small cross to represent the Our Father bead.

Overall, the Mug’s Garden mug is filled with Christian symbolism and I pray that it draws you deeper in faith. It’s a beautiful and functional work of art that will be cherished for years to come. Buy one for yourself or as a gift here!

April 29, 2023 — Olivia Olachea