PRE-ORDER: Liturgical Devotion Calendar


The Liturgical Devotion Calendar Board is a fantastic resource designed especially for children, offering a captivating way to engage in daily devotion and prayer.

Inspired by the Montessori approach, this calendar and its companion prayer book are rooted in the Church's liturgical year, making it effortless for both you and your children to observe monthly and daily devotions, solemnities, and seasons of the Church. With everything you need conveniently located on the board and within the prayer book, you can easily keep your kids engaged while simplifying your daily devotional routine.

This product not only aids in teaching your children the significance of daily prayer but also equips them with timeless prayers that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Key Features:
• Large Liturgical Calendar: The turn-able wheel follows the traditional calendar. Pre-Vatican 2, 1962 General Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar.

• Double-sided Coins: These coins feature images representing the traditional Catholic monthly devotions, enhancing the interactive experience.

• Printed Images: Traditional daily devotions are visually represented on the board with a movable arrow, making it easy to track and participate.

• Gorgeous Pocket Book Companion: "Sanctifying Time" is a beautifully designed prayer companion that perfectly aligns with the board pieces, offering your family the ideal tools to pray along with the liturgical year.

• Crafted with love and care in the USA by a Christian homeschooling family, this wooden board is a testament to quality and faith. Bring the beauty and tradition of the liturgical year into your home with the heirloom Liturgical Devotion Calendar Board.


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